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Erik & Vlada on malespectrumpad

Cute Erik has to stretch his jaws wide just to fit Vlada's thick, meaty member between his lips.... ...

Erik & Vlada (19 min)

Vlada & Erik on malespectrumpad

Deen and Erik suck, fuck and tug each other to climax before sharing mouthloads of sticky jizz!

Vlada & Erik (19 min)

Mylosh & Erik on malespectrumpad

Mylosh and Erik slip out of their jeans, and into each others' rectums!

Mylosh & Erik (18 min)

Andrija & Erik on malespectrumpad

In this clip, Andrija and Erik engage in more 'ass play' than you'll see at the annual "...

Andrija & Erik (19 min)

Erik & Levi on malespectrumpad

Erik and Levi are the latest duo to do the 'dock and fuck' dance on the day bed.

Erik & Levi (19 min)

Marko & Erik on malespectrumpad

Erik and Marko trade spankings for a while, then Erik plows Marko's tight ass until they are both ...

Marko & Erik (19 min)

Erik Levi & Renato on malespectrumpad

Erik, Levi and Renato have a three way on the couch that ends with the guys swapping mouthfuls ...

Erik Levi & Renato (19 min)

Andrija Levi & Erik on malespectrumpad

Raw, hardcore threeway action featuring Andrija, Erik and Levi!

Andrija Levi & Erik (20 min)

Andrija Filip & Erik on malespectrumpad

It's time for some sweaty, cum-soaked three-way ass play with Andrija, Erik and Filip!

Andrija Filip & Erik (20 min)

Erik & Bili on malespectrumpad

Watch as Bili and Erik finger, lick, probe and punish each other in the ass!

Erik & Bili (19 min)

Sasa & Erik on malespectrumpad

If there were any more anal play going on between Erik and Sasa in this dirty little romp, ...

Sasa & Erik (19 min)

Marko & Erik on malespectrumpad

Marko & Erik have a couple of stiff cocks and a couple of willing assholes, ready and waiting ...

Marko & Erik (20 min)

Erik & Marko on malespectrumpad

Erik & Marko share everything....including their foreskin! These fellas get down and dirty with some docking, but ...

Erik & Marko (19 min)

Renato & Miki on malespectrumpad

Renato is a lucky bastard, he's about to get his asshole flirted with by not one, but two ...

Renato & Miki (14 min)

Miki & Erik on malespectrumpad

Erik and Miki waste no time getting down to business in this hard-driving bareback scene!

Miki & Erik (19 min)

Peda & Erik on malespectrumpad

It's "one thing leads to another" in this scene, as heavy petting begets cocksucking, which leads ...

Peda & Erik (19 min)

Erik & Energy on malespectrumpad

Is this sexy gay stud's name really Energy? Energy? Just for that, he deserves to get his ass ...

Erik & Energy (19 min)

Pera & Erik on malespectrumpad

Pera & Erik are a couple of gay studs who give as good as they can take in ...

Pera & Erik (20 min)

Erik Filip & Bili on malespectrumpad

Time for some three-way ass play as Erik Filip & Bili lube up and load up each other's ...

Erik Filip & Bili (19 min)

Erik & Sone on malespectrumpad

Erik & Sone are at it again, lubing up their fingers and a few fun anal toys to ...

Erik & Sone (19 min)